The Library Today

a note from the  librarian

The Kirwin City Library is still located in the old fire house portion of the city building on the west half of the main floor.  There are approximately 11,000 volumes of books in circulation.  Five public access computers are available in the east portion of the lower story.  Our newly renovated genealogy room is located in the east foyer.  The library maintains subscriptions to ten monthly magazines as well as a periodical, the Phillips County Review.  New children's, youth, and adult books are added every month.

The Kirwin City Library Board of Trustees meets the third Thursday of every month at 6:30 p.m.  Visitors are always welcome.

Board of Trustees:

Gina Peak, President

Brenda Atchison, Vice President

Mary Lou Lutgen, Secretary

Diane Stockman, Treasurer

Kathy Wyrill

Carol Jones

Marguerite Atchison

Wanda Jameson, Librarian

The Kirwin City Library is still affiliated with the Central Kansas Library System (CKLS).  Listings of our most recent books are available online through the Kansas Library Catalog.  Access our listings by entering the KLC website by clicking on "Kansas Library Catalog" above.  At the log-in screen, use the drop-down arrow to select "public catalog", then click on "Go."  Click on the "Advanced Search" tab, then click the drop-down arrow by "Scoping In" to select Kirwin City Library.  This will enable you to search by author or title to see if the book you're looking for is available at the Kirwin City Library.  Our goal is to satisfy the request of any patron.  We cherish our rich history in the community and welcome any and all persons to use our resources.  Questions, comments, and suggestions can reach the library at our e-mail address